Actor Donald Glover will voice Spider-Man on animated TV series

Actor and hip-hop star Donald Glover has finally realised his dream of playing Spider-Man... well, kind of.

He will be voicing the character of Spider-Man's alter ego Miles Morales in the cartoon series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

Four years ago, fans of his cult TV series Community campaigned for Glover, to play the hero in The Amazing Spider-Man flicks.

The campaign failed as the role ultimately went to Andrew Garfield.

But Brian Michael Bendis, the writer for the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series, was inspired by Glover's Twitter campaign to create Spider-Man's alter ego  Miles Morales, who is half-black and half-hispanic in 2011.

We're not ready for another live-action reboot of the Spider-Man series just yet, but we'd gladly welcome the introduction of Miles Morales to play opposite Andrew Garfield. 

Source: USA Today, The Verge



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