After steamy Calvin Klein photoshoot, Nick Jonas teaches us how to grab a crotch

Like as if he hasn't blossomed into someone we can all drool over enough already, Nick Jonas has just completed a shoot and a video we all just absolutely have to see!

Jonas was recently featured in a steamy Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot (exactly like Mark Wahlberg's 1992 shoot) for Flaunt magazine that showed off his impressive physique and his - coughs - crotch-grabbing skills.

He then decided to poke fun at himself and created a tutorial video for Now magazine on how to grab your crotch and pose as perfectly as possible.

Yup, you read right.

"I'm going to be giving you the tutorial on the perfect crotch grab," he says in the silly but sexy video. "Now it's very simple. You need three things: a hand, a crotch and a willingness to do anything."

"Now my basic steps are turn to the side, profile's better. Make sure your hand's ready and then just go for it. That's it. All you need."



*Awkward silence*

Well, putting that aside, in other Nick Jonas news, he does have a new track out with Demi Lovato and it's titled Avalanche.



Check it out after you've Googled his risque pictures.

You're welcome.

Source: E Online

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