And finally... a Golden Globes after-party fashion round up

The first big event on that glittering awards calendar is over.

The dust has settled since George Clooney's speech managed to make life difficult for every ordinary bloke on the planet. (Come on. A  speech that combined defying terrorism, congratulating egotists AND declaring his undying love for his wife. Yeah. Thanks, George. A bunch of flowers on the wife's birthday is really going to match up to that).

But while the red carpet showed off the great-ish and the good-ish sweltering in their sartorial best-ish, there were other fashion parades for the various after parties.

Here are the notables....

Rita Ora 

After receiving a number of complaints for turning up on BBC TV flaunting too much cleavage, Rita Ora makes sure the same complaints can't be levelled at the Globes.

The dress looks pretty stylish. Heck, it's downright stunning. But that's because she's stood still. It's so tight up to the knees, it looks near impossible to move quickly in. 

Tiny steps all the way.

Selena Gomez, DJ Zedd and Cara Delevingne 

The faces say it all. Gomez looks happy, Delevingne looks like she's there under obligation and DJ Zedd (no, I don't know who he is either) looks like five Christmasses and a birthday arrived at once.

Who could blame him. AFter all, he's rumoured to be going out with Gomez, rocking a delightful white number there. 

But wait. Look behind  that surface of joy. Yes, his eyes look panicked possibly thanks to Delevingne's cleavage-baring dress.

This is the look of a man desperately to not look down. Fixate on the horizon. Keep those eyes up, Zedd.


Ricky Gervais

There was a lot of scruff at this year's awards. Lots of beard action from the likes of McConaughey and Leto. But they still kept it stylish. Then there's Ricky Gervais, still somehow allowed at the Hollywood party thanks to making the Globes notable a few years back.

It's a fine line between the disheveled glamour of stubble and a loose tie and looking like an embarrassing uncle at a funeral who turned up with a few drinks inside him.

Okay, maybe it's not that fine a line.


Emily Ratajkowski

A surprisingly demure dress for the Gone Girl actress. Yes, she's going to be tagged with that Robin Thicke video for eternity but let's give the girl a break. This mustard number looks great on her. Then again, she's that good looking, she could make an outfit made from a vagrant's mattress look appealing.


Greer Grammer

Hey, it's Elsa from Frozen. No wait. It's Kelsey Grammer's daughter who was the event's Miss Golden Globes. (Who knew there was such a thing?).

You have to admit this dress has a strong Let It Go vibe. Was there a cosplay after party?


Joanne Froggatt

The Downton Abbey actress won  best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or TV movie. But lets ignore her achievement in pretending to be other people. What is going on with this picture? Is she on her knees or are her legs oddly short?

I know the cast of The Hobbit is mostly British but that doesn't mean all Brits are related to Hobbits. (Take Benedict Cumberbatch; he's clearly related to an otter).

This optical illusion is caused in part by the camera angle and the train. Otherwise it's a nice outfit, even if the pattern has more than a touch of "hectic florist" about it


Laura Prepon

​The Orange Is The New Black star arrived clad in Christian Siriano. At first sight, I was sready with the "Morticia Addams" quips. But then I remembered: Morticia was pretty hot. And frankly, Prepon really rocks this goth glam look. Goth without veering into Tim Burton territory.





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