Andy Lau says wife not pregnant, just fat

Has no one told Hong Kong star Andy Lau that one should never, ever talk about a woman's weight?

Perhaps feeling harassed by rumours that his wife is pregnant again, the 52-year-old singer-actor told the media recently that she's gained weight, according to Yahoo! Malaysia. 

Tabloids had started speculating that Lau's wife, Carol, was pregnant after she was seen going to a Buddhist temple wearing a mask on her face and a loose white shirt. 

A bodyguard who was with her was seen to be carrying a bag of nutritional supplements, which sparked rumours that she was headed to the temple to offer prayers for a successful second pregnancy. 

Lau, however, nipped the speculation in the bud, telling media: "She just gained weight. She's not pregnant."

He admitted, though, that the couple are trying for a second child. 

Good luck trying to even speak to your wife after this, Andy Lau. 

Source: Yahoo! Malaysia