Baby Zed (and Fann Wong) send adorable message to Christopher Lee after Golden Bell win

You may have heard that when actor Christopher Lee took home a Golden Bell trophy in Taiwan on Saturday (Oct 25), he thanked his wife for "giving birth to such a cute baby". 

Well, little Zed Lee has not disappointed. 

In a congratulatory post to his dad - posted on mum Fann Wong's Instagram account - the two-month-old baby boy "tells" his dad: "Daddy, you the king. You are my best leading man. Hurry and bring back the trophy for Zedzed to play with. #goldenbell #bestmaleactor #belovedwearewaitingforyoutocomehome."

What a cutie!

Lee, 43, took home the Best Actor trophy at the Golden Bell Awards for his work on drama A Good Wife. 

The actor and local star Fann Wong, also 43, welcomed little Zed to the family on Aug 9 this year. 

Source: Instagram

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