Be a virtual Kardashian

Unsatisfied with living the high life on her own, Kim Kardashian wants others to experience it for themselves - virtually.

Your avatar on the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" app, to be released this week, will get to preen him or herself incessantly, date popular musicians, or buy new shades to snazz up his/her look.

Don't have enough Kardashian dollars for that kitten in a tote bag? You can swap S$25 for 25,000 "K dollars", enough to buy yourself a shiny new car. 

Ms Kardashian announced the vanity project on her Instagram last week, with a trailer of the new game. 

Fans can bow at virtual Kim's feet as she dishes out advice for staying in the limelight: "To remain famous, you must keep doing projects - if you don’t do a good job on a project, people will lose interest in you, and you’ll lose fans!” 

The Mirror reported poorer-than-poor odds of Kim's app being Apple's new top-earning app - at 100/1

One reviewer at The Daily Beast said: "The game’s concept suggests that being just like Kim Kardashian is the pinnacle of self-fulfillment. But it ends up making that life seem completely unpalatable.​"

We find it hard to disagree. 

Sources: The Daily Beast, The Mirror