Beckham lands new job

David Beckham's eldest of three boys is all grown up now at 15.

He has been linked to girls and has found work too. No, not in football.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Brooklyn scored an internship with Guy Ritchie's London film office, SKA Films.

Hasn't been his only job either. There was modelling, of course, and apparently, he had a part-time job in a coffee shop too.

"He has been trying out a number of jobs, including the Starbucks job," a source told Us Weekly.

"It's all part of him experiencing all walks of life and really working out what he wants to do. Victoria and David are keen for him to experience the things they did when they were his age - retail jobs, assistant jobs, working for free. They want to keep him grounded."

David and Posh, who have made appearances in Singapore several times, want their four children to understand how hard they have to work in life. So Brooklyn had to serve espressos and lattes to tourists in London.

And he has also started dating.


He has most recently been linked with Kick Ass star Chloe Grace Moretz, 17. They were spotted skateboarding along the Santa Monica beach.

Brooklyn had previously been linked with the lacrosse-playing daughter of a rich aristocrat in England.

News reports suggest the pair had met through their mothers who are both friends of chef Gordon Ramsay. It's unclear what has become of that relationship.

The Beckhams who also have sons Cruz, 9 and Romeo, 11, and daughter Harper, 3, want their children to grow up as normal as possible. And that includes dates and after-school jobs.

And according to media reports, Brooklyn is game for that.

Would you let your children take on an after-school job? Are our children spoilt?

Source: Evening Standard, Glamour magazine, The Daily Mail