Bieber gets a roasting and apologises for his bad behaviour

Dubbed as one of the funniest and hardest Comedy Central Roasts ever, Justin Bieber finally got his wish to be roasted on Saturday (March 14). 

The 21-year-old singer faced host Kevin Hart and roasters Pete Davidson, Shaquille O'Neal, Ludacris, Natasha Leggero, Chris D'Elia, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Jeffrey Ross, Hannibal Buress and Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell).

Roastmaster Kevin Hart (L) and honoree Justin Bieber backstage at the Sony Pictures Studios for The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. 

(L-R) TV personality Martha Stewart, rapper Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber onstage during the roast.

(L-R) Comedian Jeff Ross, retired basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, and comedian Natasha Leggero also had their turn on Bieber.

Rapper Snoop Dogg (L) and Justin Bieber interacting onstage during the roast.Photos: AFP

The comedians held nothing back as for five hours, they took turns jabbing at Bieber about the many public mistakes and misdemeanors he's made. 

Some of the jokes included:

 "You're the fifth-most hated person in the world. Kim Jong-un doesn't rank that low. And he uses your music to torture people" (Shaquille O'Neal)

 "You really have it all. Well, except for respect, love, friends, parents and a Grammy" (Chris D'Elia​)

 "Selena Gomez wanted to be here but she's dating men now. Is it true you dumped her because she grew a mustache before you?" (Jeffrey Ross).

Also present to skewer Bieber was Hannibal Buress, the comedian who accused Bill Cosby of sexual abuse in his  2014 stand-up set, leading to a host further allegations.

He told Bieber:  "I hate your music more than Bill Cosby hates my comedy." 

After hours of poking fun at him, Bieber took his revenge (or at least attempted to)  on the comedians. But the moment did not last long as he quickly moved on to a heartfelt apology for his behaviour. 

"There was really no preparing me for this life. I was thrown into this at 12 years old," Bieber said.

"I didn't know what I was getting myself into. There were moments I am proud of. And there are moments I am disappointed with myself for. But the things I have done don't define who I am. I am a kind-hearted person who loves people. And through it all, I have lost some of my best qualities. For that, I'm sorry."

"I am looking forward to being someone you can all be proud of. Someone close to me once said, 'It's how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man.' I'm excited for that challenge. And I want to say thank you for taking this journey with me."

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will air at the end of the month on Comedy Central.


Sources: Mashable, E Online

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