British Queen refuses Iron Throne

The Queen has kindly declined the Westeros crown, from the popular series Games of Throne (GOT). 

Queen Elizabeth II, 88, gazed and inspected the iconic Iron Throne, but refused a seat - and a stake to the royal intrigue of the Seven Kingdoms in the highly-acclaimed television series. 

On Tuesday, while she was on a visit to Northern Ireland, she made a trip to the GOT set and met the likes of Lena Heady, who plays Queen Cersei Lannister, reported The Guardian. 

Twitter user Gavan Reilly captured the reaction of netizens perfectly:

Another Twitter user refused to be discouraged and took matters into his own hands

But the monarch accepted a miniature throne, so not all hope is lost. 

It is not known whether she is a fan of the series, reported The Daily Beast. 

Sources: The Guardian, The Daily Beast

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