Can you guess which Singapore celebs these kids grew up to be?

They can be a source of nostalgia or sever embarassment.

We scoured the Instagram accounts of local celebs to find pictures of them in their youth. 

But can you recognise these munchkins?

Guess all 11 correctly and you're a star in your own right.


1. This actor had a very big year in 2014.


2. She's married to an actor and known for playing sweet roles.


3. National Service made him famous.


4. This actor and his wife caused a stir opting for natural and drug-free childbirth - and then posting a video of it online.


5. On-screen, he loves yelling commands at No.3.


6. One of Singapore's most popular cross-dressers.


7. Today, men are besotted with her. After all, she is The New Paper Flame Awards Babe Of The Year.


8. He has a body that men half his age envy. He has practically made the term "hunkle" his own.


9. Back then he was a little Spider-Man, but today women love this British actor/host.


10. She left Singapore for a few years and is now back here and is quite the fashionista.


11. He exercises like every event is an amazing race.



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