Cara Delevingne to launch pop career

Rumours have been swirling about UK model Cara Delevingne's potential move to pop music since she was spotted leaving Simon Cowell's London office earlier this year. 

Now, 80s singer Sinitta has let slip to London paper the Evening Standard that she's taking Delevingne under her wing. 

"It's a top secret project and it's true that I'm helping her as a mentor," Sinitta said, before later clamming up on the issue. Delevingne herself has been mum on the issue, according to Vogue.com.

Delevingne has previously shown off her singing skills in a duet with UK soul singer Will Heard. 

She's also a bit of a drummer, debuting her skills publicly at the closing of a pop-up store for make-up brand Charlotte Tilbury last year. 

Watch the videos below.


Sources: Evening Standard, Vogue, YouTube