Celebrate beauty: The back-story behind Pharrell's new music video

Yes, Miley Cyrus does what Miley Cyrus does best and tries to steal the show in Pharrell's new music video, Come Get It Bae.

But did you also notice all the other dancers in the video?

Living up to the "Beauty has no expiration date" line plastered across the screen for the first four seconds, the featured women are of various ages, shapes and ethnicities.

Check out the short 1:34 behind-the-scenes look at Come Get It Bae in the gallery above.

As one of the dancers puts it: "(Pharrell) said this is what I wanted - for everyone to celebrate their own beauty.

"I think it's brilliant and we need more people like that, so this is awesome!"

And here's the music video if you haven't seen it yet.



Source: YouTube