Charlie Sheen offers US$1,000 tip to waiter who got 20-cent tip from NFL player

A tipping war erupted in Philadelphia after American football player LeSean McCoy left a 20-cent tip on his $60 bill for his waiter at PYT Burger.

The restaurant then tried to shame McCoy and posted a photo of the receipt on its Facebook page.

The burger joint had already been plagued with bad reviews on Yelp deriding its service and food before the debacle.

McCoy said that he left a miniscule tip because he wasn't a fan of the service.



But that didn't stop detractors from being critical of his 20-cent tip.

Thankfully, actor Charlie Sheen is here to save the day.



He pledged to give a US$1,000 tip to Rob, the waiter, in lieu of the "tip debacle".

Aww, that's nice of you, Charlie!

Source: New York Daily News, E! Online 

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