Check out Friends 20th Anniversary tribute video and a list of 5 classic moments

Pivot, smelly cat, Unagi.

If any of those words or phrases made you smile, I have one question for you: Could you be any more of a Friends fan? 

No, Friends will not come back as a movie.

But the TV series about a group of six friends living in Manhattan just celebrated their 20th anniversary.

The first episode of the now-classic sitcom aired on Sept 22, 1994.

Warner Brothers, which produced the series, has come up with a 236-second long video to celebrate the series and it's nothing short of fantastic.

Is your favourite moment inside?



If the short video wasn't enough, here are some of the classic moments in full:

1. The one where Ross tries to 'pivot' a couch



2. The one where Rachel and Ross were on a break!



3. The one where they bet on Rachel and Monica's apartment



4. The one where Joey does a Chandler



5. The one where Unagi is a state of total awareness



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