Check out Rathi Menon's gorgeous evening gown for Miss Universe - will she make the top 5? #RathiFever

The Miss Universe 2014 pageant will happen Monday morning (Singapore time), and we're crossing all our fingers and toes for our very own Miss Universe Singapore, Rathi Menon, to make the top 5

The gorgeous 24-year-old is one of the best contenders we've sent to the international pageant in years - she's tall, articulate, cool and classy. 

Sure, we're still scratching our heads about her OTT national costume, but her evening gown, made by the same Spanish-Venezuelan celebrity designer Alejandro Fajardo, is a thing of beauty. 





We're also confident her catwalk is going to blow the competition away, judging from this sexy rehearsal video:



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Sources: Facebook, Instagram

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