Could this be the weirdest K-pop video ever?

Korean music label SM Town is known for its stable of internationally-successful groups like Super Junior, Shinee and Exo.

But little did you know that behind some of these hits is a man named Jinu, known in the industry as Hitchhiker.

He has since embarked on a solo career - and it's... weird.

This is the video to his first single Eleven.



Below are the five weirdest moments from the video (we had difficulty picking just five...)

1. The "I'm yawning" dance move is prevalent throughout the video.

Bonus? It's not as difficult as that horse-riding Gangnam Style move.


2. If you think those dancing (I'm not sure what else to call it) polka-dotted ladies are creepy, let's go get some therapy together.


3. Anyone fancy a road trip with this bunch of weirdos?


4. Okay, that's a big duck.

And the point is???


5. Shopping will never be the same again.



Source: Hellokpop