Directors of Lego respond to Oscar snub by making their own

In case you missed it, the Lego Movie was not nominated for either the Best Animated Feature or Best Picture at this year's Oscars.

It was a shock to many fans of the film which amassed over US$470 million (S$622.5 million) worldwide 

The directors of the movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller took to Twitter and responded to the snub with grace.


Ok, maybe not so much grace.


At least Chris Miller could see the positive side of things. 




The song, Everything Is Awesome was nominated for the Best Music. 

It is the film's only Oscar nomination.

The two, who also hit big last year with sequel 22 Jump Street, then thanked the crew that help them to make such a fun movie.






The Lego Movie may be the most prominent snub, it is not the only one.

Jennifer Aniston's critcally-lauded role in Cake was conspicuous in its abscence.

More surprising was that 60s-set civil rights drama Selma was not nominated for Best Director.

Many critics say the absence of director Ava DuVernay is a travesty.

DuVernay was nominated for Best Director at The Golden Globes. A Oscar nod would have made her the first African-American woman to be nominated in that category. 

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers was especially succinct in his reaction to snub.

"Damn you, Oscar. Damn you"

Source: Twitter, Rolling Stone.