Ed Sheeran accepted 'proposal' from a terminally ill fan with brain cancer

If you didn't already adore Ed Sheeran, well here's a reason for you to start.

The British pop star recently made a terminally ill fan's dream come true on last Thursday (Oct 30) when he met her backstage and accepted her marriage proposal before his performance started in Scotland.

Katie Papworth, who is 19 and from Bearsden, Glasgow, lost her eyesight just two weeks before the show, after battling an aggressive brain cancer for eight years.

Thanks to the wish-granting organisation The Les Hoey MBR DreamMaker Foundation, Katie finally got the chance to meet her idol.


When her dream came true, Katie took the opportunity to propose to the singer with an 'engagement' ring.

Katie’s mum Trish told the Daily Record: “Katie took the picture of the lego house she’d made and gave Ed a ring with an infinity symbol. Ed loved her artwork and asked if he could keep it for his wall.

“When she presented the ring he smiled and said, "I suppose I should say yes. Okay.

“He made it really special for her and she’s since said she needs to think about bridesmaids.”

Being the sweetheart that he is, Sheeran captioned her artwork with the message, "Dear Katie, lovely to finally meet my wife,"

Photo: Facebook

Prior to them meeting, Sheeran had sent Katie a video message (watch below), after her mum contacted his management.

Sources: Contact Music, Daily Record, Facebook

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