Fabulous Swedish signer steals show from Eurovision singer



This man could be the greatest thing to happen to an international song contest for the past 40 years - and he isn't actually taking part.

Europe is preparing itself for the annual musical assault that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now in its 60th year, it is famous for being the launch pad of Swedish superstars ABBA. 

Aside from that shining example, Eurovision is also notoriously openly-ridiculed competition where the countries of Europe each submit an arguably terrible song to battle it out. 

Entries can often be perplexing novelty songs or overly-worthy, saccharine ballads about world peace and harmony - the message of which is soon negated by political voting and calculated snubs.

But every so often, an act comes along to break through the pomposity and ridicule.

Vying to be Sweden's entry for this year was Magnus Carlsson with his jaunty ditty. His performance quickly went viral, though that had little to do with Carlsson.

Enter sign-language interpreter, Tommy Krångh. 

Snubbe teckentolkar i melodifestivalen

The 48-year-old was signing for the evenings performances and really went for it, shaking his thang and was far more entertaining than the footage projected behind him.

The video currently has over a million shares making Krång an overnight star.

He told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet:  "I've been done many broadcasts but have never experienced this kind of energy.I just got funky and let go."

He explained that the TV crew is in a small studio and were urging him to make the most of the performance. 

He told Daily Mail: "The charming thing with sign language it is so expressive and when you hear the music you basically freak out and loose yourself.'

The interpreter for Swedish station SVT said that rather than just translating the lyrics he wants deaf viewers to understand the message of the song.

What he did not expect was the public reaction to his energetic display.

Snubbe teckentolkar i melodifestivalen

He told Daily Mail: "It´s been absolutely amazing. I´ve been love-bombed from a thousands of people. People are even proposing to marry me. This is something I could never imagine."

He added: "It's a once in lifetime experience after being a signer for so many years. I love that sign language gets so much attention at the moment."

Snubbe teckentolkar i melodifestivalen

Sadly for Carlsson, he did not become Sweden's entry. He lost out to Måns Zelmerlöw.

It is not known yet if  Krång will go to Vienna as the official interpreter.

"I would not say no if I was asked," he said. 

"Perhaps we could both be on stage."


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