Five celebrity throwback photos

Did you know that Madonna once dated Michael Jackson, for all of one week, back in 1991 when they were two of the hottest stars on the planet?

These are the little nuggets that you get if you follow the Twitter or Instagram hashtag #ThrowbackThursday, which is occasionally shortened to #TBT.

Since not all of us have the time to follow our favourite stars on social media obsessively, here are four other celebrities that posted Instagram photos  their younger days this week:

Hugh Jackman, looking much skinnier and fairer in his younger days, having a meal with dad. 

Katy Perry (left) in her young teens, wearing a "pop star" tee and biting chocolate in her mouth. 

Kim Kardashian (right) said happy birthday to sister Khloe "Koko" Kardashian (left) with her post last Saturday.

Zac Efron and his splendid bangs that charmed many a girls' hearts in his High School Musical days. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, Instagram

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