G-Dragon gets called what?

He gets called many names.

Among them: Terms like fashionista and trend-setter.

But when G-Dragon of Big Bang visited Paris Fashion Week, he was greeted with a slur instead.

Apparently being a global superstar and one of the biggest K-pop acts doesn’t shield you from racism, website Asian Junkie reported.

While his popularity has led to a feature in Italian Vogue, a cover story for Complex magazine, and collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Skrillex, and Missy Elliott, GD (as he's known to adoring fans) had a less-than-stellar encounter at the Yves St Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week last month.

In a video taken as GD enters the building, an unidentified bystander could be heard making remarks – such as “ching chong” and some “ni hao” (Mandarin for how are you).

Duh moment

The irony: GD is actually Korean, not Chinese.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that K-pop stars have been subjected to racist remarks.

Last November, after Girls’ Generation won the top honour at the first-ever Youtube Music Awards, there was an outpouring of racist attacks on social media — including countless “ching ching” comments.

Sources: Asian Junkie, Popdust, Youtube

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