G.E.M. gets Singapore fans moving

Her name is Gloria Tang, but she's better known by her stage name, G.E.M -- which stands for Get Everybody Moving.

The 23-year-old singer, who's based in Hong Kong, performed in Singapore for the first time over the weekend as part of her XXX Live World tour.



G.E.M. shot to fame after taking second place in a reality singing competition in China last year and her star has been on a sharp ascendency ever since. She has over 2.4 million fans on Facebook.

Because of overwhelming demand, one show quickly had to become three. By all accounts she wowed the crowd of 5,000 at MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo.

G.E.M. already sings in Mandarin, English and Cantonese -- but she wants to add more to that list.

"Maybe now I have Mandarin song and Cantonese song, but in the future I hope I can explore more of the different, like, opportunities.

Maybe I'll learn Korean or maybe - because I just learnt some Singlish - very Shiok."

After the show, fans said she definitely lived up to her name. "It's really exciting and really gets everybody moving."

Source: Reuters


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