Halle Berry to pay US$200,000 a year in child support

A judge has ruled that Halle Berry, 47, has to pay her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry US$16,000 (S$20,000) a month to support their six-year-old daughter Nahla

That works out to be about US$200,000 a year. 

What's more, she also has to pay Aubry, 38, US$115,000 in retroactive support and a further US$300,000 for his legal fees. The couple share custody of Nahla. 

That's more than half a million dollars alone she has to pay out this year, which may make Berry a contender for top 10 most expensive celebrity child support payments. 

In 2005, rapper P Diddy was ordered to pay US$21,782 per month to his ex-girlfriend, then considered the biggest child support in New York state. 

Sources: People, USA Today, Fox News