Happy New Year, by female director Farah Khan, is India's biggest movie

A record opening-day debut for a Bollywood film that happens to be directed by a woman is shaking up the men’s-only club of filmmakers in the list of India’s highest grossing movies.

Farah Khan’s new film is a rare blockbuster by a woman filmmaker in the Indian movie industry, the world’s largest by ticket sales. Two of Khan’s three previous films in the last decade were hits too, but not as big as Happy New Year.

Indian Bollywood actors Boman Irani (L), Shah Rukh Khan (3L), Vivaan Shah (C), Deepika Padukone (3R), Abhishek Bachchan (2R) and Sonu Sood pose for a photograph during a promotional event for the forthcoming Hindi film 'Happy New Year' directed by Farah Khan (2L).

“Nobody is expecting a 200 crore (S$43 million) hit from a woman director, which in itself is very sad and very patronising,” said Khan, whose recipe of breezy, entertaining cinema woos children and adults alike, but is panned by critics.

“I hope more women come and break this record. I think it will help every woman who wants to go out and make a movie, if our movies end up making as much money as the male directors.”

Khan, 49, said she lived her dream with Happy New Year, having wanted to make the “biggest film you’ve seen in India”.

Her leading man Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s most bankable star, headlines the film’s ensemble cast.

In the film, Shah Rukh and his ragtag crew of loveable rogues worm their way into a global dance competition at a Dubai hotel, with their sights set on diamonds hidden in an underground vault at the venue.

Photos: AFP

Reviews have mostly been critical saying that “the desire to entertain overshadows everything else – script, character, coherence, narrative logic”.

But Khan is unfazed by criticism, saying she relies on her gut instinct while making movies that make her happy. “Why should I take the pressure of making a movie that will only appeal to 10 people and not to 10 million people?” she said. “If the critics don’t like it, let them keep watching boring movies, what else can I say?”

Happy New Year had the “highest opening ever in the history of Indian cinema so far”, raking in around 440 million rupees (S$9 million) in India when it was released on Oct 24, a day after Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. - Reuters