Hey kids, here's the perfect, alternate ending to How I Met Your Mother


Remember when How I Met Your Mother ended its eight-season run in April with a twist and everyone was like "What?!?!"

Well, here's the balm for your anguished soul. 

An alternate ending, which had already been planned for release with the show's box set on Sept 23, has leaked, according to Mashable. 

And yes, it's every bit as perfect as you - and I - wanted it to be. 

The original ending showed Ted and the gang - Barney, Robin, Marshall, Lily - in their not-so-rosy future. 

The alternate ending, which lasts almost five minutes, has older Ted voicing over a flashback of all his key relationships from all eight seasons. 

Watch it here:

(if the clip doesn't work, it's most likely been taken down by YouTube on orders from 20th Century Fox)

A scene from TV show How I Met Your Mother 


Source: Mashable