Hey Leo, give up the man bun. Here are four men who do it better

Leonardo DiCaprio has been working really hard to advocate for climate change.

Yesterday, the actor addressed world leaders assembled for the United Nations Climate Summit and urged them to take action to address "the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet".

We love him for that of course. And we're behind him all the way.

But we would also like more change - particularly his bearded, man-bun style that he has been particularly fond of.

We know it's a trend... but it's not working out for you Leo.

In case you didn't know, this is how you should look with a man bun.

1. One Direction singer Harry Styles recently gave fans all over a chance to hyperventilate (more than usual) when he debuted his man bun.

Yes, it's glorious! (I'm not a fan... but that may change after seeing his man bun)

Harry Styles

2. Honestly, no one does it better than Jared Leto.



3. Proof that Orlando Bloom looks good in any hair style.

Anyone seen Legolas?


4. What about model Miles McMillan's hair?

He's also the boyfriend of Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto



Source: Huffington Post