Jaime Oliver's West African rice recipe gets no love from West Africans

Jamie Oliver's recipe for a traditional dish popular in West Africa did not go down well with the people who grew up eating it.

The recipe for jollof rice was first uploaded  onto his website in June and there it sat for months without anyone noticing, reported BBC trending.

It was only recently that W​est Africans started to react to it - and it hasn't been pretty.

There are even two hashtags, #jollofgate and #jollof on Twitter. 








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Our reaction to the online reaction. 

Just in case you are wondering, this is what jollof rice looks like.

This is jollof. Photo: Wikimedia commons/Salamisa

A spokesperson for Jaime Oliver though told BBC trending that he did not mean to offend anyone and that was why the recipe was labelled "Jamie's twist" on jollof rice when it was uploaded.

Sure Jaime.

Source: BBC trending, Twitter, Wikimedia commons, reddit, Jaime Oliver Website.