Jay Z and Beyoncé show Justin Bieber's mugshot on stage

Beyonce and Jay Z's "On The Run" tour has shocked some Justin Bieber fans.

During Jay Z's performance of "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)", a series of celebrity mugshots were flashed on the stage screen, one of which included Justin Bieber.

As his photo was on the screen, Beyonce told the crowd, "Even the greatest can fall", The Mirror reported. 

Bieber's fans then took to Twitter to voice their thier opinion on Bieber's "appearance" at the concert. Some fans decided to see the good in the comment by saying that "Beyoncè basically called Justin the greatest," while other furious fans claimed that the comment was "disrespectful" to the 20 year-old who's been arrested multiple times.


Justin Bieber Babes/Twitter

Justin Bieber News/Twitter, 17fmpersonal/Twitter


Nevertheless, fans are giving rave reviews about of the tour, which the husband and wife team have uncharacteristically given audience a peak into their private lives. Videos and pictures of their wedding and the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy featured as part of the concert.

Sincerely Beyonce/Twitter


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