JJ Lin punched for 'flirting with girls too much'

When local singer JJ Lin was attacked by a stranger during an autograph session in Taiwan last week, he was baffled because he didn't know the person who hit him.

According to Asian Pop News, Taiwanese underground hip-hop artist Chen Yanheng, 32, revealed on his Facebook page on Monday that he had the impression that Lin, 33, was a casanova.

So, he punched him in the face to "teach him a lesson".

He wrote: “Actually, one of the reasons why I hit you is because you love to flirt with girls too much. I hope this would teach you a lesson so that you will reflect on yourself before harassing the ladies in future.” 

Mr Chen went on to accuse Lin of "acting innocent with his lousy love songs" and for trying to leverage on Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Hebe Tien's popularity when he confessed his crush on her in 2013.

The irony is that Taiwanese media had reported earlier that Mr Chen himself was likely trying to use his attack on Lin to draw attention to his own music.

Source: Asian Pop News

JJ Lin