Justin Bieber booed as he strips at fashion show

Sex sells? Well, not when it's Justin Bieber.

The troubled singer - who had several brushes with the law - took to the stage at the Fashion Rocks event with model Lara Stone to introduce a musical performance by Rita Ora.

Any cheeky preamble between the two were quickly drowned out by loud boos.

The boos grew louder as he started to unbutton his blue blazer and took off his trousers - leaving him only in his underwear as he exposed his admittedly toned, tattooed body.

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But Bieber seemed unfazed by the jeers and even made several poses.

He did fumble when reading from the teleprompter but we suspect the boos didn't have anything to do with his reading ability.

And Bieber is actually proud of his stint as a stripper.


Source: Hollywood Reporter



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