Justin Bieber plays Mr Nice Guy with prank calls

Uh oh, you better watch out for Justin Bieber.

No don't worry, he's not doing anything stupid like reckless driving.

That's the old Bieber.

The new Bieber creates a sweeter less-malicious mischief by prank calling fans.

Yes, that's right Beliebers - don't hang up when you receive a dodgy call, it could be your darling Justin. 

The pop star dropped by The Ellen Degerenes Show (for the thrid time in a month) and prank called a fan with an admittedly horrible fake British accent.

Well, the accent seemed to be heavily modelled on David Beckham's vocal intonations.

Pretending to be an employee from the fan's university, he chided her for missing classes.

The studio audience tried to stifle their laughter as Degeneres looked on.

Ah, if anyone told us one year ago that Bieber would be making us laugh with him rather than at him, we would have violently disagreed.

Now it looks like Bieber is finally looking to clean up his act. 

Bieber appeared with longer, softer hair, and sported a purple T-shirt, a colour which harkened back to his days as a mop-top tween-idol. 

And it could be that Degeneres is leading his image rehabilitation.

After all, he posted that infamous apology after appearance on Degeneres' show last month.



Since then, he made two more appearances on the daytime talk show - and there will be more.

Degeneres said: "Justin has vowed to be here every week as long as he is in town."

Source: New York Daily News

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