K-pop shock: Girls' Generation's Sunny reveals she had celebrity boyfriend

It was shocking enough that she actually spilled nuggets of her love life on TV.

Girls' Generation's Sunny, 25, even went on to reveal that her ex was also a celebrity.

Kpop Starz reported that on the latest episode of hit Korean variety show Roommate - where Korean celebrities stay under one roof  - the popular singer indulged in a rather revealing girls' talk with comedian Lee Guk-Joo and singer Nana.

The truth about Sunny's love life has been kept under wraps until now.

She told the girls: "I've dated a celebrity before. But just because he is a celebrity it doesn't mean that our relationship was uncomfortable. I guess it just all depends on the couple and the circumstances (under which we dated)."


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In the world of K-pop, to admit to dating someone is big news. To admit to secretly dating a celebrity? Massive news.

No word yet on the celebrity's identity but the rumours could well start flying thick and fast.

Lee and Nana then asked her how Sunny and her beau had time to date each other. Sunny said that they spent a lot of time sending text messages to each other.

Sunny went on to share that she had a tough time letting go of her first love.

Even when breaking up with him, she tried to salvage the relationship by holding his hand and asking: "Can we not break up?"

The information probably went down well with the Chen and Suho from EXO.

According to Kpop Herald, on a recent radio show the Korean boy band chose Sunny as the one they thought would make an ideal girlfriend.

Chen said he loves her bright smile and Suho said that she was very easy to talk to.

The drive for a EXO/Girls' Gen crossover starts here.


Source: Kpop Starz, Kpop Herald



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