K-pop singer Bobby Kim accused of sexually harassing stewardess

K-pop singer Bobby Kim, 41, has been accused of sexual harassment, according to The Korea Times.

He was on a flight from Incheon to San Francisco on wednesday (Jan 7) when he reportedly threw a drunken tantrum and touched a flight stewardess's waist - after he wasn't allowed to upgrade from an economy class seat to a business class seat.

After the US-bound plane landed in San Francisco, he was escorted off for investigation by the FBI.

The International Business Times, citing  Korean media Yonhap News Agency, reported that a complaint was filed against the R&B artist.

The singer's management agency reportedly said: "Kim had been upset when he was drinking wine (served during the flight)."

It added that he was angry as he was mistakenly seated in economy class, even though he had earlier requested for an upgrade to business class.

"He says he doesn't remember exactly what he did on that flight," the agency added.

Sources: The Korea Times, The International Business Times

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