K-pop singer Bobby Kim charged with offensive assault on flight

Upset that he was wrongly put in economy class during a flight from Korea to San Francisco, Korean pop star Bobby Kim downed six glasses of wine.

His excuse was that he needed the alcohol to fall asleep in economy.

But then, in his drunken state, he grabbed a flight stewardess around the waist and tried to get her phone number.

Now, Kim has been booked for aviation security violations and offensive assault committed last month, KPopStarz quoted the Incheon International Airport as saying.

Kim was quoted by the police as saying: "Although I was able to make a complaint about being issued the wrong ticket, there's nothing that they could do so I had to seat in the economy class. I had 6 glasses of wine to fall asleep. When I got drunk, I made a fuss and there was some physical contact while I tried to get the flight attendant's phone number."

According to Allkpop, police also said Kim plans to apologise to the flight attendant.

The police stated: "Bobby Kim acknowledges that he grabbed the stewardess' arm, asked for her number, and wrapped his arm around her waist, and he wishes to apologise to the stewardess; he also stated that because he was intoxicated, he does not accurately remember the details."


Kim will next be summoned to the prosecutors' office but he will not be detained.

Source: KPopStarz, Allkpop

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