K-pop star Kim Hyun Joong wants to reunite with ex after finding out she's pregnant

He doesn't know how to contact her, but he is going to be there when she needs him.

K-pop star Kim Hyun Joong, who had been charged last month with physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend and fined for it, was allegedly reuniting with his ex, Ms Choi, because she was 10 weeks pregnant, according to Korean magazine Woman Sense.

KDrama Stars reported that Kim's management agency, Key East, released a statement later on Monday saying that she had contacted him last month to tell him that she was pregnant but is now apparently missing in action.

But the Boys Over Flowers star said he will not walk away from his responsibilities, should she reach out to him.

The Key East spokesman said: "Kim and his parents tried to reach Ms Choi several times to find out whether she was really pregnant and doing well. Kim asked Choi to get a medical check-up at a hospital, but she rejected it. Kim showed his willingness to be held fully accountable if Ms Choi's pregnancy is found to be true."

Ms Choi, who suffered fractured ribs, had chosen to drop her multiple assault charges against Kim last year after he made a public apology.

Kim had said that things had gotten physical during one fight and there hadn't been other occurrences of violence between them.

But because he had admitted to one charge of physical assault, the prosecution proceeded to charge him with it and Kim had to pay fines amounting to about S$7,000.

Source: KDrama Stars

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