K-pop star says sorry for assault on ex-girlfriend, but is it enough to close case?

Celebrity actor-singer Kim Hyun Joong's scandalous assault case may be drawing to a close.

He issued an apology to his ex-girlfriend on his website yesterday (Sept 15).

His ex, known only as A, accused the Boys Over Flowers drama star of four incidents of assault. He and his agency said the couple had one physical fight.

Her lawyer Sun Jong Mun had previously said in a statement: "The main goal is to reveal the truth. Thus, he must admit his wrongdoing and apologise first."

If his apology is unsatisfactory, she will proceed with the charges.

Addressing her, Kim wrote:

"I am really sorry for inflicting a lot of psychological and physical pain on the person whom I've trusted and loved and vice versa for two years.

"I am ashamed that I behaved in a way I shouldn't have as a man.  As everything in this incident was my fault, that person has no reason for receiving criticism.  I apologise once again to that person, and I want to relay words of apology like this to that person's family and acquaintances.

"I hope, more than anything, that she will accept my apology and forgive me.  Using this as an opportunity, I will work hard to become a bit more considerate and to live more healthily."

Kim's legal rep told Star News earlier the same day: "We agreed on a withdrawal of litigation with no conditions if Kim Hyun Joong officially apologises...

"It was important to ease her feelings. She wanted an apology more than discussing right and wrong."

The lawyers are considering the apology, reported Korean news site​ Newsen.

Sources: allkpop, Kim Hyun Joong official website