Katy Perry's Dark Horse canine co-star Jiff now holds two Guinness world records

Talk about an overachiever.

After all, not many can claim to have co-starred and taken a selfie with Katy Perry and have a huge social media following.

Now, Jiff the Pomeranian can add two Guinness World Record titles.

As of yesterday, Jiff holds records for the fastest 10 metres on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and fastest 5 metres on front paws (7.76 seconds).

The adorable pom had already showed off his talent in Katy Perry's Dark Horse video.

katy perry animated GIF



Is it possible for him to win the record for the most adorable dog too?

Katy Perry animated GIF

I mean really, who could resist a dog that helps you get ready in the morning. Just watch the video below.


Source: Guinness World Records, Instagram

Gifs: Giphy, Buzzfeed



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