Keanu Reeves is back on the dark side in new thriller 'John Wick'

He's back!

Actor Keanu Reeves, best known for The Matrix trilogy, travels to a murky underworld in his latest action thriller, John Wick.

He plays a grieving husband and retired assassin, who reverts to being a killing machine to avenge the wrongs that Russian mobsters did to him.

Expect a film jam-packed with car chases, gun fights, mayhem and murder ,as Reeves' former stuntman Chad Stahelski turns director, with producer David Leitch.

As John Wick, Reeves single-handedly guns down enough mobsters to fill a small cemetery.

"When we meet John Wick, we don't know anything about him except that he is grieving for his ill wife, who passes," said Reeves, 50.

"As the story unfolds we come to learn about the myth of this man as a killer."

Wick had retired from his life of crime five years earlier. But after the son of a Russian mobster and his cronies invaded his home, stole the classic car he refused to sell and killed the puppy his late wife gave him, Wick becomes a hit man once again.

"The script has these different textures and different worlds," said Reeves.

"There is the real world and what comes to be revealed is this underworld. This den of thieves that has its own rules, has its own procedures, honor, code."

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After arming himself with a small arsenal of weapons, Wick checks into the Continental Hotel - where killing is forbidden and the desk clerk can arrange an unquestioning doctor to patch up wounds.

Maybe even find a waste disposal company to get rid of bullet-riddled bodies.

"There is a humor to the situation," Reeves said. "John is drenched in blood and he is asking about room service to get his shirt cleaned."

The trade magazine Variety said Reeves reminds us "what a compelling action star he can be," and the Hollywood Reporter called the film "a visceral revenge thriller."

"After a marked absence from the genre, Reeves resoundingly returns with an effortless, kinetic style that positions the film extremely well for any potential follow-ups," it said. - Reuters

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