Keanu Reeves fears return of naked woman intruder?

She broke into his house and swam naked in his pool.

Now actor Keanu Reeves fears the same woman will return because she believes he is a conduit to her dad.

TMZ reported that the woman, whose name was not released, believes her father was abducted and placed in witness protection.

While it's not clear why she snuck into his home and took a skinny dip in his pool while he was out, the actor must have been worried.

She was the second intruder to trespass on his property in two days. 

Website gawker.com said a cleaning crew found her and called Reeves to let him know he had a visitor. 

She's currently in a psychiatric ward but Reeves reportedly thinks she's coming back.

The woman told police she thought Reeves could help find her father, whom she believes is "Departed" actor Ray Wintsone.

After Reeves went to court, the judge ordered her to stay 100 yards (91 metres) away. It's any one's guess if she'll obey.

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