Kim K sends topless pic to friend for his birthday

You've got to hand it to Kim Kardashian - she sure knows how to set tongues wagging. 

In honour of her friend's birthday on Friday, she posted a picture on Instagram - a topless one.



Well, okay, said friend is Riccardo Tisci, the guy who designed her wedding dress. 

And in the picture, our favourite Kardashian looks like she's putting on a wedding veil. 

But, Kim, there are so many other, less nude photos of you wearing a Riccardo Tisci creation. 

Like this: 



or this: 



This isn't the worst thing she did on Friday, though ... because later that same night, she partied with Justin Bieber.



Yes, Bieber is still partying it up in Ibiza with celebrities, after his kerfuffle with Orlando Bloom earlier this week. 

No news of any drama ... yet. 

Sources: Mail Online, US Weekly