Lady Gaga in hospital for altitude sickness, posts selfie

If you didn't read the text, you'd think that she was trying a new look or something weird like that.

But unfortunately, the picture is as straight as it comes.

Lady Gaga had problems breathing and had to be sent to the hospital after a visit to Denver, the Mile High City on Wednesday after her performance for the Artpop Ball world tour at the Pepsi Center, according to People.com.

She suffered from altitude sickness and posted a selfie of herself wearing an oxygen mask at the hospital with the caption,"Altitude Sickness is no Joke!"

Photos: Lady Gaga/Instagram, Interscope

Despite being sick, the Grammy winner still looked fabulous in the selfie, with amazing eyelashes and makeup.

Her world tour is set to continue right on track on Friday in Seattle so she must be recovering well.

Sources: Instagram, ABC News, Mirror

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