'Michael Jackson' appears at Billboard awards

So that whole 'dead musicians continuing to hold concerts as holograms' thing is really not going away, huh?

The latest in a short list of stars who've been turned into singing, rapping and dancing CGI figures is none other than Michael Jackson.

The late King of Pop made an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday evening US time, "performing" his latest single Slave to the Rhythm, from his latest posthumous album Xscape. 

Needless to say, it was weird. The audience felt so, too - though they had been rocking to earlier performances by Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande and Pitbull, to name a few, they were stunned into silence when "Jackson" took the stage. 

Yes, there was dancing - lots of it (see below). 

mj billboard on Make A Gif

The whole thing took about five months to put together, according to the awards' director and producer Larry Klein. 

""We've been talking about it for the last five months and while we were talking about it they were still inventing the process," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was really strange talking about something that did not exist."

Fans and entertainment outlets have given the performance a thumbs up, with the hashtag #MJHOLOGRAM trending on Twitter. 

Hollywood Life gushed: "It's hard to believe that was just a hologram and not the real thing!"

Is it time to consider a Michael Jackson hologram tour? 

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