Sisterly love: Beyonce posts photos of her and Solange in happier times

Is Beyonce assuring the world everything's okay between her and little sister Solange?

​Or is she being wistful about happer times between the siblings?

In the absence of an official statement from her, Jay-Z or Solange after CCTV footage leaked earlier this week of the singer's little sister attacking her husband in the elevator of a hotel, we'll just have to guess. 

Now, a week after the drama, Beyonce, 32, has posted several pictures of her and Solange hanging out - and judging from their different hairstyles, it's from different times in their life. 

Beyonce and Solange

The first picture was simply captioned "Good morning", and shows the stylish sisters posing happily in a field. 

Beyonce and Solange

The second picture she posted appears to show the pair in the back of a jeep, with Beyonce adorably leaning on her little sister's shoulder. 

Beyonce and Solange

Solange's been wearing her hair black and short for a few years now, so we can guess the third photo posted by Beyonce is from several years back. 

Beyonce and Solange

The last photo posted by Beyonce shows the pair - both singers - hugging on stage.

While there were initial reports that Solange had deleted all photos of her sister from her own Instagram account, those reports have been verified to be untrue by MTV. 

What we do know is that Beyonce, 32, and Solange, 27, jetted off together to Costa Rica the day after the attack at the Met Gala after-partyto attend Kelly Rowland's wedding to manager Tim Witherspoon  and were "reportedly well behaved".  

What do you think really happened?

Source: People, MTV,

Photos: Instagram / Beyonce