Mike Tyson helps motorcyclist hurt in accident

He was on his way to Las Vegas on his motorcycle when a cab cut in front of him, causing him to swerve and tumble onto the side of the road.

Ryan Chelsey told TMZ that he was hurt and in shock but what happened next just made the whole situation even more dramatic.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson had witnessed the incident and stopped his car and the traffic to check on Chelsey.

The former heavyweight champion knew that Chelsey would be in shock and tried his best to keep him calm until medical help arrived.

“He looked up and saw Mike Tyson,” Chelsey's lawyer told The New York Daily News.​ “He was saying ‘don’t worry, don’t worry,’ people are coming.’”

Chelsey reportedly suffered from broken bones, nerve damage and needed surgery for his shoulder.

He ​later ​sent Tyson a gift basket and a Thank You card for his kindness.

The New York Daily Mail even had a copy of a note that was sent to Tyson with the basket of fruits. 


Source: TMZ, Fox Sports, Twitter

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