This model-mum breastfeeds up to 14 times a day

She didn't think she would ever going to get pregnant, so model Caprice Bourret hired a surrogate to carry her biological embryo.

Little did she know that just a month later, she would conceive - naturally.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the blonde 42-year-old spoke about what life has been like ever since she had her two boys.

Together with her 45-year-old millionaire investor husband Ty Comfort, the model said she was thrilled about the new life she's leading- and it's all thanks to one-year-old boys Jax and Jett.

"I feel completely blessed but the last year has been totally mad," she told the publication.

"I was excited and wanted to be with them all the time, even if it meant only getting two hours sleep a night."

Motherhood means breastfeeding up to 14 times a day. Photo: Instagram


"I didn't want Ty to get up, I wanted to do everything myself," she added.

"I loved every minute of it, even though I was deliriously exhausted."

She also talked about how exhausting it was for her body to cope with two boys born a month apart.

"At one point, I was breastfeeding 14 times a day because they were born a month apart and weren't on the same feeding schedule."

She managed to cope with all that - on top of a hectic schedule filled with television show appearances in Ladies of London.

And she did them while looking stunning. Wow!

Sources: Daily Mail, Instagram, YouTube

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