Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson on their Pitch Perfect 3 swansong

Stars of Pitch Perfect 3 Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick love working and hanging out together

Graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, singing group the Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 3, the third chapter in the musical comedy film series that opens here tomorrow.

After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split up, each experiencing their own quarter-life crises.

But when they get the chance to reform for an overseas United Services Organizations tour, Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and the rest come together to make some music - and some questionable decisions.

US actress Kendrick, 32, and Australian comedienne Wilson, 37, talk about fight scenes, handpicking their new director and their on- and off-screen chemistry.

Rebel, tell us about your fight scenes

Wilson: I had never done a fight scene in any movie. And now, in this movie, I get two massive fight scenes, plus some other little high jinks.

I am a huge fan of Hong Kong gongfu movies and Chinese action movies. I have always felt like I had it in me to kick butt.

In this movie, I get to show some of those skills, and it has been fun.

The scariest stunt for me was jumping off the edge of the boat, which was, I think, a 20-foot drop. I am afraid of heights and again, the directors always put me through stuff that is super scary. But at least this time, I had Anna holding my hand as we jumped. I was really lucky to have her there because I felt like I was having a heart attack when we jumped.

You guys brought on Trish Sie to direct Pitch Perfect 3, after Jason Moore and Elizabeth Banks helmed the previous two instalments.

Kendrick: We hand-selected her. We saw her on the street and we were like, "You there, come here. We have an opportunity, get away from those chickens...".

Wilson: (interrupting) "...come over and direct our movie." She is a choreographer. She directed one movie before (2014's Step Up: All In) and we were like, "Make it two. Girl, just do the second movie. Kick it out of the park." And that is what she did. Kendrick: She is amazing. She has such amazing energy.

Wilson: Yeah, she is so fun on set and off. And also, likes a bit of a drink, that is all I am saying.

Kendrick: When we went to (co-star) Brittany Snow's family reunion costume party, she went hard. I thought she would maybe show up with, like, a funny wig or something.

She showed up as a dude with a creepy moustache. She was in character all night. And I was like, this is going to be great.

Was it fun for The Bellas to work together one last time?

Kendrick: (Jokingly) No, over it.

Wilson: No, no... I was like, got to be back with (points at Anna)?

No… I mean, I had the best time working with these girls, and I love performing as the Bellas. It is just the best. It is really fun. Whoever cast us, they did such a great job because we are so different. You wouldn't think it would work, and yet it all worked.

Even more than working with the girls, I like hanging out when we are not working.

Kendrick: (Laughs) Yeah, that is better.