Ashton Kutcher testifies at LA trial after date found murdered in 2001

LOS ANGELES : US actor Ashton Kutchertestified as a witness at the trial of Michael Gargiulo, 43, who has been charged with the murder of three women.

Kutcher, 41, said he arrived at the Hollywood bungalow of fashion design student Ashley Ellerin, 22, on the night of Feb 22, 2001, after speaking to her by phone to arrange a date, the Los Angeles City News Service reported.

When he got there, Kutcher found the lights on and door locked. Through the window, he saw "what I thought was red wine spilled on the carpet".

"I didn't really think anything of it," Kutcher said, adding he "figured I screwed up" by showing up late, and he assumed Miss Ellerin had gone out.

She was found dead the next morning. She had been stabbed 47 times, prosecutors said.

When Kutcher learnt what had happened, he spoke to police and was "freaking out" as he knew his fingerprints would be on the front door.

Gargiulo, the Hollywood Ripper, was arrested in 2008 and pleaded not guilty. - REUTERS