Diane Kruger says Hollywood changing because 'men are scared'

German actress Diane Kruger said on Monday that the #MeToo movement had scared powerful men but any change may be short-lived.

The 41-year-old told French television channel BFMTV that lasting change was possible only with men's help.

Kruger said the progress made on harassment since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal shook Hollywood might be illusory if the culture did not change with it.

"For now it is changing because men are scared," said Kruger.

"Every day there is someone new who is denounced (as an abuser). However, I am afraid that in six months, or a year, or even 10 years, we will be still hearing the same thing. It has to stop - things have to change and everyone has to speak out so we can try to go forward, not only in terms of sexuality, but in the way we are paid.

"I have never been paid the same as the man I am playing opposite. That is not right.

"We have got to be really vigilant, and women have to stick together for this cause.

"Above all, we need men at our sides who fight for us and defend our interests. Women alone cannot change things."