Kingsman sequel banned in Cambodia

Hollywood's light-hearted spy sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle has been banned in Cambodia due to a scene that portrays the country and one of its famous temples as a hotbed of crime, an official said yesterday.

The movie follows a fictional British spy organisation that joins forces with its US counterpart to search for a drug lord's hideout, which turns out to be a temple deep in the jungles of Cambodia.

Mr Bok Borak, director of Cambodia's Culture Ministry's film department, said the "unacceptable" film was banned from theatres for "using the name Cambodia as a hideout for criminals".

"And what is more worrying is that it uses one of our temples as a place to produce drugs, to kill people cruelly," he added.

He said Kingsman was not filmed in Cambodia but the drug lord's temple resembled the well-known Ta Prohm, a site in the famed Angkor complex that is tangled in tree roots and was used as a set for the 2001 flick Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

"Our temple is a world heritage site that we must protect and it is not a place for such things," he added, saying that a letter will be sent to the film's producers "to show our frustration". - AFP