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Ready Player One (PG13)

Steven Spielberg gives virtual reality (VR) a huge boost in this sci-fi tale where people escape a dystopian future by plugging into an alternative universe using VR headsets.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 82%

Pyewacket (NC16)

A teenager (Nicole Munoz) finds solace from the recent death of her father and strained relationship with her mother by dabbling in the dark arts. The consequences are disastrous, naturally.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 75%

Pacific Rim Uprising (PG13)

John Boyega and Scott Eastwood try to save the world from gigantic monsters by piloting equally huge robots in this sequel to Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi flick.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 45%

The Leisure Seeker (M18)

A runaway couple (Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland) go on an unforgettable journey in their faithful old caravan.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 32%

7 Days In Entebbe (PG13)

Rosamund Pike and Daniel Bruhl play terrorists in this drama inspired by the 1976 hijacking of Air France flight and the daring rescue mission that followed.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 23%

Tomb Raider (PG13)

Alicia Vikander makes a credible Lara Croft in this reboot of the franchise, but it is let down by the uninspiring story.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 50%

Sherlock Gnomes (PG)

In this animated sequel, Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) work with famed detective Sherlock Gnomes to investigate the mystery of kidnapped garden gnomes all over London.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 19%